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Want help getting the smile you deserve? New York Dentist, your porcelain veneers NYC dentist, wants to improve the planet, one gorgeous smile at a time. The world could use more smiles, wouldn’t you agree?

Self-confidence starts with a beautiful smile. Many people are embarrassed of their smiles for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your teeth are discolored, oddly shaped, chipped, or there are gaps between them. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for choosing to live your life to the fullest. Enjoy your life and let your smile show.

Porcelain veneers can be a reality for you. Simply reach out to New York Dentist to discuss your options. Your dentist will come up with a treatment plan that’s right for you. We work with insurance companies and your budget so you can finally show the world that inner beauty you’ve kept hidden for so long.

Porcelain Veneers, Explained

A cosmetic procedure, obtaining porcelain veneers can be a wonderful way to improve the look of your teeth. A very thin piece of porcelain is custom-shaped to fit on the front of each of your teeth, and then the material is bonded permanently in place. Although usually crafted of porcelain, veneers can also be made from high-quality resin, too.

How Are Porcelain Veneers Fitted?

Good news: Local anesthesia is not required for placing veneers, but should you wish it, anesthesia is available. The fitting process is quick and easy and can usually be accomplished in one or two visits. The procedure goes like this:

  • The dentist will make impressions of your teeth to send to the lab that will make your veneers.
  • A small amount of tooth enamel will be removed from the front of your teeth to make room for your veneers.
  • You’ll be given a temporary set of veneers until your custom set arrives.
  • When the permanent set is ready, you’ll return to the dentist’s office and have the permanent set cemented to your teeth.
  • Your dentist will then shape them and get rid of any imperfections.

After your procedure, you’ll have the opportunity to assess the look and feel of your new veneers. Be sure to tell your dentist if your veneers aren’t fitting comfortably or don’t look how you expected.

How can Porcelain Veneers Help Me?

Veneers can help with a variety of issues and can greatly improve how you feel about your smile. Veneers are often chosen to fix problems such as the following:

Worn Down, Chipped, or Broken Teeth

When your teeth are chipped or broken then placing veneers is more than a cosmetic procedure. Your broken teeth can actually cause you harm. For instance, chipped or cracked teeth can cause abrasions in your mouth. Chipped and broken teeth also have a way of getting worse over time, leading to cavities and other issues.

The longer you go without correcting this issue, the more likely you are to develop other health issues. Worn down teeth won’t be able to perform their designated function as well as normal teeth—namely eating.

Unsightly Teeth

Some people decide to get veneers because they have unsightly teeth. This could be due to stains that won’t go away or stains from natural coloration changes when the teeth were developing.

Unsightly teeth might not hinder your ability to eat, but it can hinder your self-confidence. Veneers can hide all the blemishes that you’ve been embarrassed of so you can focus on living your life, not hiding your smile.

Teeth That Are Crooked, Poorly Shaped, or Have an Abnormal Texture

Everyone’s teeth develop differently and some issues with teeth are hereditary. Most people don’t have 100-percent perfect teeth, and there are always going to be some types of imperfections. Some teeth are crooked, some will be shaped poorly, and some will have odd bumps and ridges on them.

These issues can sometimes impact your oral health and can certainly affect your smile. Crooked teeth can actually cause other teeth to become worn or broken, cavities can form in irregular gaps between crooked teeth, and poorly shaped teeth can cause abrasions in your mouth. Imperfections can be more than just unsightly.

Teeth With Too-Large Gaps Between Them

It’s also possible to have your teeth grow in straight but have gaps that are too wide. Why are too-wide gaps harmful? Well, for starters, this can cause your teeth to move out of alignment, affecting your bite and causing many other issues for your teeth and oral health.

Second, you can end up with a lot of food stuck between your teeth on a regular basis because of the large gaps. Cavities are caused by rotting food stuck between the teeth so you can see how that would present a problem. Veneers can be made to fill in these gaps, so you won’t have these frustrating issues any longer.

Discolored Teeth

Another reason people opt for veneers is because of discolored teeth. Sometimes you can try every whiting treatment out there and nothing will get rid of the discoloration on your teeth. Discoloration can be caused by smoking, drinking coffee or tea, or from natural discoloration during your teeth’s development.

Whatever caused the discoloration, veneers can get rid of it once and for all. You won’t have to worry about often painful whitening techniques any longer. You will have pearly whites all the time.

What’s the Cost Associated with Veneers?

Depending on your budget and depending on the necessary procedure, veneers can cost anywhere from $800 to $2,000 per tooth.

Payment plans are available with our office, and we are happy to come up with a smile solution, so you can pay for your veneers within your budget, but still get the straight, smooth, white teeth of your dreams.

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