Plaque Removal NYC

Keeping your teeth clean doesn’t just keep your teeth looking good. As many foods and other items go into our mouths—utensils, pens, the lip of a bottle—there’s plenty of potential for bacteria buildup, and when that happens, your teeth could be in trouble.

Clean teeth are typically much healthier teeth. When plaque doesn’t have a chance to build up, it can’t become more serious conditions like gingivitis and even periodontitis.

If your teeth feel dirty and rough, even after a good brushing, or if your gums are regularly bleeding and sore, it may be time for a cleaning.

How Plaque Removal Works

During your next visit to the dentist, you can expect to have your teeth cleaned. This procedure is part of dental prophylaxis, which just means it’s intended to maintain your health and keep the spread of disease at bay. A cleaning will, unsurprisingly, clean the surface of your teeth and remove any plaque above the gums, or supragingival plaque. While a subgingival cleaning may also be needed, your general dentist will likely stick to the visible surface of your teeth or refer you to a gum specialist.

Your plaque removal will happen in a few steps:

  • Initial Examination – Your dentist will take a look at your teeth, checking for any signs of cavities, gingivitis, decay, or other oral issues. Once your dentist has determined the depth of the cleaning you need, they will begin the plaque removal process.
  • Scaling – This step is the scariest for some people, but the process itself should be entirely painless. Your dentist will use a small scraping tool to gently remove any plaque, hardened calcium deposits, or other hard-to-remove spots.
  • Polishing – With a tool that looks like an electric toothbrush, your dentist will polish each tooth with a toothpaste-like cleaner. This will help remove any remaining plaque or residue, leaving your teeth shiny and smooth.

Why You Need Plaque Removal

Taking care of your teeth early can help prevent tooth decay later. Over 30 percent of New Yorkers did not visit a dentist in the past year, and many of them risk their oral health by avoiding a visit.

While plaque alone is a normal issue that most people have, it can develop into a serious health problem. It’s like leaving other health problems untreated; for example, a cut or animal scratch may not be serious on its own, but it can become infected and require serious treatment.  

Like an injury, not removing plaque from your teeth can lead to serious health consequences. Gingivitis can easily turn into periodontitis, a gum disease that can lead to abscesses and tooth decay. Plaque contains a lot of bacteria, and without proper treatment, it can cause serious issues.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning Today

Don’t hesitate to keep your teeth clean and healthy with plaque removal in NYC. While the cleaning process might be a little scary, our dentists work with care to make sure the process is easy and painless.

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