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Many people stress over the need for dentures, thinking that false teeth will be noticeable or embarrassing, but they need not worry. Dentures are better than ever before, and if you’re considering dentures, chances are you’re suffering in other ways.

You may not be able to eat the foods you want to, you may be in pain from chipped or otherwise damaged teeth, or you may be suffering extreme embarrassment from missing or unsightly teeth. You may need dentures for a variety of reasons, such as tooth decay, gum disease, injury, missing teeth, or a dental abnormality.

Whatever your reasons for considering dentures, look to an experienced dentist who specializes in the placement and fitting of dentures. You can be confident you’re working with the right dentist when you contact a New York City dentures dentist at our office.

What Are Dentures?

If you’re contemplating getting dentures, you may not fully understand what they are and how they work. You probably already know that dentures are false or fake teeth, but you may not realize how far advancements in dentistry have come, especially regarding dentures. They look incredibly real and can help you in a variety of ways.

Two main types of dentures exist: full and partial. With full dentures, your custom-made teeth are designed to fit over your gums using a flesh-colored acrylic base. Most people won’t even realize you’re wearing dentures. This is best if your teeth are beyond repair and you’re dealing with a great deal of pain.

With partial dentures, the teeth are attached to a metal frame and secured in place using your natural teeth. This option works well for those who still have some healthy teeth in their mouths.

Ways Your Dentures Can Change Your Life

If you’ve been putting off dentures because the idea bothers you, it’s important to note that most people have at least some “fake” teeth in their mouths. Almost 70 percent of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost one or more of their adult teeth. Dentures can improve the appearance of your smile, but they can help you in other ways, as well.

Here are some of the ways your dentures can improve your life:

  • Supports Your Face Muscles – When you lose your teeth, your face can take on a sunken appearance, with excess folds of skin, hanging jowls, and deep facial wrinkles. When you have the right dentures, they will replace your natural teeth and give you back the normal facial appearance you’re after.
  • You Can Go Back to Eating the Foods You Like – When you are fitted with the right dentures, you will be able to eat more of the foods that you did before you suffered tooth loss. Without dentures, you likely had difficulty eating. With the right adhesive, there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy your food with confidence.
  • Improves Your Smile – When you have a full set of teeth, you will feel more confident in your appearance. You’ll want to smile, because you will have no more reason to hide. Many people with crooked or unsightly teeth won’t smile due to embarrassment, but you won’t have to worry about that any longer.
  • Eliminates Pain from Ruined Teeth – When teeth are decaying, cracked, or broken or the nerves are exposed, this causes a person enormous amounts of pain. When you remove ruined teeth, then you will no longer have to deal with all the pain and discomfort that comes with damaged teeth.
  • Gain a Comfortable, Full Set of Teeth, Often without Surgery – When you opt for dentures, as opposed to dental implants, you will gain a full set of teeth but you won’t be put through extensive surgery. Dentures can be a great option for those who can’t get dental implants or can’t afford to do so.

Materials Dentures Are Made From

The base of your dentures is usually made of acrylic resin and plastic. The teeth can be crafted from a variety of materials, such as acrylic resin, porcelain, plastic, or metal.

Often, especially in the case of partial dentures, a metal or stainless steel framework is needed to attach the dentures to your natural teeth. Flexible dentures can be made from a nylon polymer.

Risks Associated with Dentures

There aren’t a lot of risks associated with full dentures; however, partial dentures do have some health risks. This is especially true if you don’t take care of your partial dentures.

  • Partial dentures increase the amount of bacteria in your mouth, which can lead to plaque and other issues.
  • If your partial dentures don’t fit properly, this can lead to abrasions against your mouth, teeth, or gums.
  • Partial dentures can cause a risk of your natural teeth developing cavities, especially if you don’t take proper care of your mouth and natural teeth or thoroughly clean your dentures.

What can you do to make sure your partial dentures don’t cause you harm?

  • You should always practice good oral hygiene and regularly brush and floss your teeth.
  • You should remove your partial dentures at least once a day, especially before bed.
  • Make sure to clean your dentures between uses.
  • Visit your dentist regularly to catch cavities quickly.
  • Try not to eat sugary food or drink sugary or acidic beverages.
  • Finally, if your dentures aren’t fitted properly, go see about getting them refitted. You don’t want to cause more issues for yourself by wearing dentures that don’t fit your mouth and rub against your teeth.

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